16 Good Reasons to Use Tracking Numbers

By having a call tracking number you can: 

  1. Prove an advertising medium works – A tracked number in our books will give you all the proof you need to book again and again. 
  2. Discover which categories work best – Use a call tracking number under each of your headings to discover which headings work hardest for you. 
  3. Measure your campaign successes – Use different call tracking numbers in each of your campaigns to see which campaigns improve your return on investment and which campaigns should be dropped. 
  4. Discover what time of day most customers call you – Tracking numbers record the time of day that customers call enabling you to maximise your resources to answer their calls and to advertise to them when they are most receptive. 
  5. Appear bigger – By using multiple local numbers in different areas, you can give the impression that you have a network of local offices. 
  6. Appear to be local – Customers like to deal with local businesses. By choosing the local dialling code, tracking numbers allow you to appear as if you are a local business. 
  7. Track a customer’s online journey – By using different tracking numbers on different website landing pages, you can track which pages have most impact when initiating a customer response. 
  8. Help discover a campaign’s weakness – As well as all the positives, you can analyse the aspects of campaigns and webs pages that do not provide a response in order to improve their effectiveness. 
  9. Ensure your privacy – A tracking number connected to your personal phone protects you from the possible abuse caused by advertising your personal telephone in the public domain. 
  10. Monitor your average call length – By monitoring your call durations you can discover what percentage of calls are time wasters and which lead to more meaningful conversations 
  11. Discover your regular customers – Customers that call frequently can be turned into ambassadors for your business by offering them incentives and special offers.  
  12. Record all mobile numbers – With 84% of all adults in the UK owning a smart phone, mobile numbers are a quick and easy way of reaching potential customers with special offers.  
  13. See where customers are calling from – If a large proportion of calls are coming from a particular area, you can alter your advertising messages accordingly. 
  14. Carry out A/B Testing – By making changes to an advert with a different tracking number enables you to monitor the effectiveness of any changes made 
  15. Have different numbers on advertising platforms – A good way of comparing the effectiveness of different media 
  16. Differentiate between products – Depending on your business you could have a different number for each of your products or services to discover what your customers are really interested in. 
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